watersummerWe like to show off our well toned bodies in bikinis and shorts. Here are some foods that not only help you to keep yourself cool, but also ensure that your calorie intake is controlled.


Summer is the time when the vegetable produce is bountiful. You get a wide choice of vegetables which serve as a good source of fiber, minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants. You would get an informative grocery list that includes vegetables that are helpful for weight loss while joining Nutrisystem using the Nutrisystem discount code and coupons . There are some water rich vegetables like cucumbers, leek, bottle gourd, pumpkin, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. Including such vegetables in your diet help you to beat the heat as well as keep the calorie intake under control. 


Fruits in general are high in water content. Berries, cantaloupes, berries, chestnuts, melons are apt fruits for summer. Citrus fruits too are high in water content. As a matter of fact, watermelons are filled just with water. Those who are on a diet in summer will do well with watermelon juice or cubed watermelon. The fiber and water content helps to limit the hunger pangs in addition to cooling off the summer heat. 

Cold soups

While hot soups are the best foods for winter, cold soups during summer help to keep you cool as well as keep a watch on your calories. Cucumber with dill leaves, gazpacho, cucumber with mint serve as a meal when combined with chunks of vegetables.  


Salads are versatile diet foods which can be eaten at any time without any worry about the calories. With vegetables available in plenty, rustling up a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, leafy greens with a handful of berries and nuts for the crunchiness offers a wholesome meal. Avoid cheesy dressings if you have to cut the calories. Instead opt for olive oil and lime juice dressing.

Low calorie beverages

The heat entices us to grab one of the easily available beverage can. Both packed juices as well as carbonated sodas are high in sugars and add up to your calories. If you have to quench your thirst, drink water. Staying hydrated in very essential particularly during summers. Add a dash of lime to the water for flavoring.  

Low calorie desserts

You are bound to indulge in dollops of ice creams and sundaes to beat the heat. But the cooling effect of these desserts is only temporary. Instead they add up to your calorie count manifold. If you need to enjoy your dessert without a worry about the calories, opt for fruit based desserts like Greek yogurt topped with fresh cut fruits, frozen grapes or frozen banana encased with dark chocolate. Fruit smoothies offer a nutritious low cal meal. Sorbets are a great alternative to ice creams. Ensure that you choose the sugar free option.  

The summer heat takes a toll on our health. The heat tires us out and saps all the energy. By eating right, you can keep your energy levels high, stay cool and limit your calories.